Eat Your Greens

Stop counting calories, and start eating colors.

The Problem

The average American's diet is predominantly beige due to poor food choices. When the health conscious individual wants to track their food intake, they are pushed toward tedious tasks of calorie counting and cumbersome data logging which becomes too burdensome to maintain.

The Solution

Eating a variety of colors is proving to be a healthy alternative to counting calories, or logging food items in a nutrition journal. Research has shown that eating a variety of colors ensures a variety of nutrients and vitamins ultimately leading toward better health.

Eat Your Greens solves this by taking a photo of the user's meal, and prompting the user to target the different colors, then displaying it on a pie chart and storing a historic record for the user's review. When the user doesn't eat a certain color, the app will push a message promoting a specific food item that matches the color they're lacking.

Learn about your diet

Learn which colors you eat most, and which colors you're lacking.

Take pictures of your meals

A picture says a thousand words, and... um... a variety of colors.

Receive nutritional tips

Tips encourage you to try new colors, and new foods.

View colors over time

Pinch to zoom in and out of the color wheel to see your colors over time.

The easiest way to learn the most about your diet

Taking pictures of your food is a popular trend. Eat Your Greens allows you to quickly record the colors of those meals providing helpful feedback about your diet.

You're taking pictures aleady, why not learn a bit in the process?

"Finally a realistic approach to food journaling in the 21st century!"

- Jeff Pelton

"Counting calories is old news. Eat Your Greens is improving upon the standard and making nutrition education fun and easy, leading to better health."

- Diana Young, Registered Dietitian

"Colour coded eating, much easier than counting all of the kilojoules."

- Mark Kochergen

"Well this app lets you take a picture of your food, then will tell you where you are lacking in the rainbow, and make suggestions of foods to eat. Awesome!!"

- Nicole Volkoff

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